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Contact Name  Justice Agege 
Phone  +234-9091141712 

Join the Adsweaver Advertising Network and make money from your website or blog.

Adsweavr offers cost effective advertisement served on our network and on our partner websites. Advertisers may use both text and banner ads to advertise their products and services. Our powerful and cost effective advertising system allows Advertisers to advertise to a large audience across multiple platforms. Advertisers have options of banner, text, video, mobile, Google style, Facebook style and Yahoo style ads to choose from.

For Publishers/Website owners

1. Simple registration process gets you automatically approved so you're instantly ready to paste the code onto your website.

2. Generate revenue by getting paid for every click on your website.

3. Targeted, related and family friendly ads so you can increase the amount of clicks on your website therefore getting the most out of your ads.

4. Register as a Publisher (go here HERE on Adsweaver

Address  MiB Business Plaza,
P. O. Box 22058
Lagos State,
Zip/ Postal Code  100001 

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